25, Feb, 2020

54 Thought that A Girl Head When Texting A New Crush 

Texting A New Crush

Texting messages to crush is a very complicated task that can make anyone nervous. However, have you ever thought about things going in the mind of a girl while sending a message to their crush? In this post, we are going to tell about some ridiculous thoughts that came in the mind of a girl. 

  1. What should be the right way to begin chat?

  2. Should I text him or wait for his message?

  3. OMG! I am sending him my first text!

  4. Do I put smiley in the text?

  5. Doesn’t it will make me look desperate?

  6. May be his phone is on the silent mode?

  7. Its evening! May be he is with his friends?

  8. May he is on an date with another girl?

  9. Oh! He posted a picture just 1 hour ago on Insta!

  10.  It has already been 10 minutes!

  11.  Is it good idea to message him!

  12.   Do I really him this much?

  13.  Is he even interested in me?

  14.  Oh wow! She has read & texting me back?

  15.  I will never text him again! He doesn’t look interested!

  16.  Why should I text him first! After all I am an girl!

  17.  Why I am attracted towards him so much?

  18.  Is he still single?

  19.  I am going to be mad?

  20.  Which emoji is the best one to begin with?

  21.  I am nothing in front of her!

  22.  I am feeling fucking crazy about him!

  23.  Is he my soulmate or just an attraction!

  24.  I think we are done! He doesn’t need me!

  25.   Where! Twitter?

  26.  Or it should be Instagram!

  27.  What about texting straight on Whatsapp!

  28.  Is it the only way to do this!

  29.  Aww! How cute he is!

  30.  Wait a second! Is it a yes!

  31.  He is nothing more than an motherfucking dick!

  32.  I won’t text him again in life!

  33.  What if his phone is on the silent mode

  34.  He is definitely an gay! However, he won’t text back to such an babe

  35.  Honesty! It is rude from his side!

  36.  Come on! Text me back!

  37.  I can’t win from him!

  38.  Hold up! He is writing!

  39.  Is he even worthy of an girl like me!

  40.   That’s all, I am done with him!

  41.  It is clear he doesn’t value my value

  42.  Is I am too emotional!

  43.  Why I am so much worried!

  44.  What if he loves someone?

  45.  I think he is an foolish?

  46.  Phone buzzes? Is it him!

  47.  He is funniest guy I have ever seen!

  48.  I think he is drunk!

  49.  Is my text too simple?

  50.  I think he is a Game of Thrones fan!

  51.   Chill out! He isn’t my type!

  52.  I should’ve waited?

  53.  Come on! Text me back!

  54.  Should I call him!